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Bodhiac brings fitness, yoga and meditation into your home. Follow on-demand classes for all levels or receive weekly Bodhiac programs for the perfect mix of activity and recovery.

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Welcome to Congratulations on making it here! It means that you're ready to take care of your body, mind and soul. Watch the video to find out how to navigate this website. See you in class!

Try our bundles

Try our bundles

Start small. At your own pace. Not ready for a membership? Try one of our bundles, these are extra classes, series, challenges and freebies, all wrapped in one nice bundle. Perfect for yourself or as a fun gift.


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Whether you’re taking an intense HIIT class, a powerful vinyasa flow or a bedtime stretch & meditation from your weekly guide... we’ve got you covered. Accessible from your home, garden, hotel room or outer space. Make your health a priority. If you like more guidance you can follow our weekly programs, and if you want more spontaneity choose from our entire catalog.

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Join our growing community. Get to know your coaches and other bodhiacs by joining our live sessions, commenting on your favorite videos, giving us feedback, requesting classes and asking us questions at any time. You’ll receive weekly emails and get invites for IRL events and retreats.


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Discover lifestyle & health tips, yummy recipes and interesting interviews to keep up to date with the latest trends, newbies & facts. Expand your knowledge on yoga, fitness and mindfulness and know exactly why you’re doing, what you’re doing.


Unlimited yoga, fitness and meditation for €18/month or €180/year.

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