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price option <p>Yoga for Sexual Wellness &amp; Vitality </p>

Yoga for Sexual Wellness & Vitality


Sex therapist and yoga coach Michelle, guides you through 12 sessions including different approaches & tools that are deeply effective yet easy to integrate in your daily routines.

With different styles of yoga and pelvic floor health practices, this series is gender neutral & can benefit everyone in all phases of life (& phases of the menstrual cycle).

You will feel more connected to yourself, your sensuality and others.

price option <p>The 20FOR20 Challenge</p>

The 20FOR20 Challenge


20 classes of 20 minutes, can you complete them in 20 days? And all of it for only 20 euros! The perfect mix of fitness, yoga & mindfulness.

Studies show that moving your body for just 20 minutes a has a huge impact on your physical and mental health.

Create an effective and realistic movement habit & join us for a 20 minute class every day for 20 days.

price option <p>The Intimacy Series</p>

The Intimacy Series


Clinical psychologist, sex therapist & yoga instructor Michelle will guide you through the intimacy series.

Find out more about yourself (and perhaps also your partner), what intimacy is and why it is so important. We talk about sensuality, touch, pleasure, connection, libido and so much more. You'll also find a yoga for sensuality flow and a heart-warming meditation.

What's included:

-Welcome Video

-4 Mindworkouts:

  • Letting go of what no longer serves your desired (sex) life

  • The recipe of deep intimacy: time, awareness & relaxation

  • The truth behind desire

  • The power of touch: Soulful self-pleasure

    -Yoga for sensuality

-Heartwarming Meditation

price option <p>THE BEGINNERS SERIES</p>



Are you new to working out? Haven't worked out in a long time? Wanna get back in the game but not sure how? Then this series is for you!

This series includes 5 video classes:

-Welcome video

-Cardio & Strength for beginners

-Vinyasa Yoga flow for beginners

-Core Workout for Bbeginners

-Gentle Recovery Yoga

-Meditation for beginners



As a Bodhiac member you get full access to all of our content and also to suggested weekly programs. These are great for when you're not sure which workout to do when and want a balanced mix of activity & recovery.

In this free program, you'll get a taste of what your Bodhiac week would look like:

-Welcome video

-Morning yoga

-Cardio & Strength HIIT

-Gentle Vinyasa Flow

-Core Blast

-Awareness & Breathing

-Bodhiaction Series

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